At LFIS we value the role of a library as its just like a hidden treasure which enriches the child''''''''s mind. Its the effort we put in, building up the resources by drawing advice from subject experts and equipping it with the best materials. It would soon be your Childs precious possession, for they would hold onto their library card dearly, Utmost care has been taken that the student gets access to the right material and not any kind of detrimental literature.

We understand the role a library in a student''''''''s life. Hence we have taken care to fill it up with all the necessary books and the reference books that could cater to a child''''''''s curiosity. The huge, Well stocked library is soon going to turn into a student''''''''s favourite place. This is to lure them in further into the magic of books wherein we have provided comfortable seating arenas so that reading becomes a plasure. We inspire to plant and nurture in each student a love of reading that will last for a lifetime.


We at LFIS, believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Soccer'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' being the most important tool for it. We have an in-house football academy ehere the studnts are trained by able coaches. This caters for all abilities, form beginners to more experienced players and provides the opportunity for children to devlop technically, psychologically, physically and socially. A plethora of indoor games are also offers by the school which includes:
Chess Carom Table Tennis Judo


At LFIS, Mau music is not regarded as a standalone subject but is incorpoarated in the curriculum itself and is an integral part of every student''''''''s life. Music Academy at LFIS offers the student a wide array of opportunities in both music . well qualified and proffesional teachers help the students take part in classs on guitar,keyboard,drums,harmonium, tabla and vocals as well. Students are also exposed to westerns as well indian classical dance forms.


The only Art and Crafts workstation of its kind in Mau also called ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''CPLOURS'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' offers space to the studnts to bring out their inner self under the able guidance and tutorship of our ate teachers. Students are exposed to different mediums for exploring their creative skills.


The Little Flower International family strives to create a positive environment wherein all students are challenged and inspired to achieve one''''''''s potential. Academics and ActivitIes are the back bone of LFIS.
Student''''s participation is a must, for we at LFIS believe the more the student''''''''s are a part of various committees and clubs the better. it is a platform they can use to extract the best out of them and at the same time be able to discover their hidden talents.
there is lot more than academics that develop a child''''s personality. To bring out the talents of each and very child at LFIS, we have a host of clubs and societies. we intend to bring an over all development in the child''''s personality to introducing different clubs- such as dramatic clubs, such as dramatic clubs oratory club, mind sports club, painting and sculptor club, puppetry cookery etc.
We will be conducting various ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''social awareness programme'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' for the development of the society.


Life for an Lfisians is beyond the boundaries of caste and religions as we aim to develop acceptance and respest for people of all caste and creed. All festivals like Christmas, Dusshera,Diwali,Holi,Guruparv and Eid full respect and rituals making it a joyful part of their lives.


Safty of the child is always given prime importance at LFIS Mau. The campus is patrolled by professionally trained armed and unarmed guards round the clock and every entry is registered at the main gate of the school. individuals –both staff and visitors have to go through a standard security check while entering the campus. CCTV camera surveillance ensures round the clock security in the school. All the moments of the students are carefully monitored to ensure their safety.